About Us
In March of 96' my husband brought home a sheltie that we named Buster, he was a beautiful sable/white male, and then I thought he needed a girlfriend, so
along came Babbett, who grew to be only about 13" tall and was to small to breed with Buster so then we got another female Babe, who was Babbetts sister and the rest is history. We have tried to stay with the lines we have because of the laid back and mellow personality that Babe has brought to us and has passed it on to her offspring.  I only breed my girls at least once a year so not to over breed them if they get breed that often. 
I have a kennel license and I get inspected once a year by the State of Iowa and AKC every two years. We have had very good inspections each time they come to visit.  I am currently working part-time at a nursing home and my husband is retired and does electical work on the side for friends. We both enjoy watching familys come and pick out a new member and the smiles on their faces when they find the right one.

The Sheltie is a small to medium built dog, standing 13" to 16" in height. The Shelties is a highly intelligent dog and is always wanting to please their family. They are playful and can be trained to do almost anything. They are not an aggressive dog but they can be very vocal when a stranger is in their territory. This make them an excellent watchdog. The Sheltie will always give you a Ticker-tape parade when you come home, no matter what kind of day you had, they will always be glad to see you